Provisional demands and programme

We will shortly release a more comprehensive set of demands and a Manifesto.
Below are some of our policies

End the Great Highway Robbery

  • Stop the ULEZ extension to the North and South circular roads. The proposed ULEZ is 18x bigger than existing one. This will ruin businesses and require longer journeys around the zone and will make more pollution. Longer journeys make more pollution!Set up a new anti pollution task force to get more effective reductions in London air, noise, bright light, radiation and other pollution.
  • Review the impact and risks of the existing ULEZ (covering the same area as the congestion zone) while considering all factors, including business and family life impact, and longer journeys to avoid the zone. Journeys and diesel / petrol pollution can go up 50% and typically 20% due to zone avoidance driving.
  • More stringent rapid reporting and action against polluting vehicles which need servicing.
  • Reverse Sadiq Khan’s “green” road closures
  • Reverse the Congestion Charge price rise, and the scrap the charge at weekends.
  • Carry out a comprehensive review of parking policies in London- slash the extortionate parking fees and parking fines.
  • Halve the price of TFL/Santander Cycle hire scheme and extend it to the whole of London.
  • Identify the most effective technologies to roll our smoke and dust removal strategies across the city.
  • For a massive tree planting programme along roads. Trees clean the air and cut noise pollution.
  • Review discrimination against older (recycled) cars for central London via UltraHigh Emission Zone which is a tax on car recycling. MOT pollution tests are stringent enough.
  • Excessive double yellow (and red) lines obstruct businesses: they limit freedom of movement (especially for families). They annoy taxi drivers, and they discriminate against low and middle income car users. They also produce massive profits for private car parks and turn councils into highwaymen stealing from people to pay parking charges.

Prohibit Vaccine discrimination and provide indemnity to victims

Parliament agreed there should be no restrictions against those that refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccines. Nevertheless, workers and residents in care homes, carers, health workers, teachers and millions of others are being pressured to take the vaccines, which may have unknown long term side effects. This is in addition to the already known quite side effects that many people have experienced – severe headaches, cold chills, fever etc.
Many of the world’s leading experts in the field warned that the vaccine rollout was not only premature, but also dangerous. Before you or your friends and family take one of these vaccines we recommend that you read this article from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr Karina Reiss which allows the reader to consider the likely risks and dangers.
There should be no discrimination against those that decide to follow those scientists who reject the efficacy and safety claims of the vaccine manufacturers and the government.

We must put wellbeing before Big Pharma, listen to scientific and medical whistle-blowers! We demand comprehensive indemnity for any and all injuries and deaths provoked by or caused by “the vaccines”. Those bodies that misled or coerced into taking these “vaccines” must be made culpable for injury or death.

  • For a City wide plan to detect and treat serious illnesses -cancer, diabetes etc. Nobody suffering from these illness should be left behind
  • For new and accountable NHS and Public Health service. We will create a health and wellbeing service for London – which puts people’s overall health before the profits of Big Pharma and mega food corporations.
  • Use evidence based science to put pressure on government.
  • Hospitals and other providers to be made fully accountable, and to provide services  to meet the general health and wellbeing needs of people.
  • We will provide comprehensive legal support for individual and class action for Vaccine Indemnity claims by those who suffer from adverse effects and for families of those who die in any cases relating to the vaccines.

Defend Council Housing, End Homelessness 

Homes For All!

  • Bring empty flats owned by speculators into use.
    Defend Council Housing and build more secure council housing
    Rent control and security of tenure for private tenants.
  • Make defending communities central to all key policy considerations in all developments. I will help to rebuild and foster communities though genuine democratic control over housing and community assets.
    I will mobilise support for struggles by tenants and leaseholders and will review ongoing projects based on community needs criteria.
  • I will encourage the youth, artistic and cultural communities and all manner of organisations to take over the vast amount of empty commercial properties to convert them into homes, community facilities, pubs, clubs, arts centres, etc. We will make London the centre of the arts, culture and entertainment in the world.

Sadiq Khan failed to halt the destruction of communities in London which have been wrecked by developers who built huge quantities of properties many of which now stand empty. Sadiq Khan ruled that 36 council estates cannot have a democratic ballots for or against demolition. He failed to use his powers, or even to put pressure on London Boroughs to end the disgrace of rip-off temporary accommodation used to carry out social cleansing.

Defend Free Speech, Rights of Assembly and Travel

  • End police repression and disruption of peaceful gatherings – disband the TSG (Territorial Support Group – a special unit of police thugs);
  • The Mayor must support the rights of heroes such as Julian Assange, other whistleblowers and major struggles against the New World Order, e.g. millions of Punjabi Indian Farmers who have deep links with London