Heiko Khoo Central West London

Heiko Khoo Let London Live candidate Central West-London

Dr. Heiko Khoo is a researcher, a journalist, and a radio producer. He organizes the highly acclaimed Karl Marx in London Walking tour ( But he is best known for his oratory at Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, where he has spoken since 1985. Heiko 57 was born in London and lives in Ladbroke Grove.

We have spent a year under a regime of petty diktats that robbed us of our dignity and our basic rights and freedoms.

The coronavirus crisis concealed a global power grab by finance, tech and Pharma giants. It is time for the people of London to stand up to the global capitalist elites and their governments and stop this descent into dystopian madness.

Heiko is standing for the London Assembly to give voice to the anger and discontent of the people at the disaster that has befallen our city and the world. This means empowering the people to challenge state and corporate power. London has played a decisive role in world history for centuries. Now we need to stand up the powers that be and create London anew out of the wasteland.

Heiko has prepared a comprehensive document explaining the events of the last year, which you can find on

Heiko Khoo Speaking in Speakers’ Corner 24 April 2021

Heiko protests in Google/Youtube HQ in London against censorship 

Heiko initially supported a 3-week shutdown as it appeared that SARS-COV-2 was a totally new virus, which nobody had immunity to. This was not correct. Most people have immunity through the t-cell memory of previous infections with common coronaviruses. The more he studied about what was known about how the virus spreads, the less the measures taken by the government made any sense.

The Government and the Mayor of London claimed to be “guided by the science”. This was untrue.Instead, public funds were allocated on a vast scale to private sector companies, run by cronies and lobby groups linked to the government. While the NHS struggled with staff shortages, and infections raged inside hospitals, nothing was done to install or upgrade ventilation systems even though this is the single most important means to limit and control the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus.

Nearly all infections in the world came from spending more than 10 minutes within 1 meter of a symptomatic person in an enclosed space with poor ventilation. Super-spreader events where, for example, aerosol from group singing caused a wider dispersal of the virus, can also be slashed by ventilation or by being held outdoors. So, orders to stay at home were the exact opposite of what the evidence showed was required. The repression of the Sarah Everard vigil, of anti-lockdown protests and protests against the new police powers bill have no scientific justification based on public health.

In fact, the main reason for the health crisis in Britain is to be found in the decline in the quality of treatment of elderly people after 2008. This is particularly true for those suffering from the non-communicable diseases which interact badly with covid-19. The associated and fully justified fear of calling an ambulance led to a huge spike in non-covid related deaths.

Without parliamentary or press scrutiny, policy not only lost touch with its partisan scientific advice, but also with reality itself. However, science is not a sacred cow. “Mad scientists” have always needed to reined in when their plans and schemes only serve the rich and powerful and produce disasters for the masses.

For more than a year, a disgusting campaign to spread fear took the place of rational debate and thought. Many who questioned the dominant narrative were accused of peddling conspiracy theories

and fake news. In reality, it is perfectly justified and normal to ask what on earth has happened to our city and our world? And to expose how the rise of tech giants and Big Pharma manipulated the world for their own warped objectives.

Vast swathes of London are now full of abandoned corporate buildings. I will assist communities to take command of these buildings for housing, for new forms of collective life, for work and entertainment. Get involved in Let London Live call 07722 523629 or email