Resist, Defy, Do NOT Comply

Resist, Defy, Do NOT Comply

Hi All,
We’ve had a great week for Our Movement but at the same time the state apparatus is increasing attacks and police have been getting more out of order (although as always only arresting / FPN’ing a small minority of attendees at events).

To advance the struggle I will be standing as a mayoral candidate in the London elections in May and I thank everyone for their excellent support.  Our key message at the start of our Great Debate around our policies is that we would end the CovidCon diktats, Let London Live, and Save Lives. We would convert empty Nightingale hospitals into wards for cancer and other conditions ignored in this fake pandemic. 

The first event I was at in the last week was the Unity Gathering in Peckham (27 Dec) which involved many active members of the Peckham community, Galaxy radio and Unique radio. A tremendous event with local speakers and music.

NYE’s Southbank, London Eye, #NYEPartyofParties. Over a thousand came along and we succeeded beyond all expectations, with music, drumming, dancing and my fireblowing went off without a hitch. The police incredulously standing back! I made a speech stating my intent to enter the London Mayoral race and launched our Great Debate for public discussion on our policies (via

The police got more active after that, we pushed through a police line blocking us moving along the Southbank! The TSG turned up after midnight.

The People’s Lockdown / Chris Preddie OBE protest – 2nd Jan – the police moved in very quickly to prevent speeches and I and 16 others were arrested for assembling in groups of two or more people in Tier 4. There were about 1,000 people in attendance. We support Chris Preddie in his campaign in this and his anti-knife crime campaign. 

This week I will be:

Date Time Location Event
Mon 4th Jan 9.30am London, Old Bailey, EC4N Supporting Julian Assange’s extradition hearing.
Tues 5th Jan 5pm The Radio At Richie Allen show.
Sat 9th Jan 12 in the noon London, exact Location tbc At Stand Up X protest

In the coming weeks we’ve got to nail the lie that people resisting the CovidCon are in any way responsible for illness. The truth is people wearing masks and following orders are propagating the Fake narrative which is killing people.

Have a good week. 
Unite not Divide. Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply



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Cometh the Day – cometh the Man – Piers .
Cometh the Man – cometh the People. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

If we get rid of Kahn👎 – then after that we can get rid of the rest of the disgusting mess in government 👍

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Guy Buxman

Greetings Mr. Corbyn,
As a California national, I am unable to participate in the London Mayoral election. Would that I could, I would most certainly cast my vote for you. That said, I am writing to express my heartiest moral support for your campaign. I have been a great fan of yours since first discovering you in the 2007 documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” You, sir, are an international treasure. Thank you for your principled, courageous, and intellectually-honest fight. God bless you and grant you victory. London may be far from me, but your success will bear fruit for the entire world.
Soldier on. Resist, defy, Do Not Comply.


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